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Windows XP SP3 Mac OSX v6 Build 01.12.2010

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Windows XP SP3 Mac OSX v6 Build 01.12.2010 | The Windows team is made up Leaders desiring to give you a perfect copy of Windows, stability.
Disk created from Windows XP SP3 MSDN integrated Internet Explorer 8, Windows Media Player 11 and the latest patches (updated to December 2010).

Operating System: Windows Xp Sevice Pack 3 x86 (32 bit).
Support SATA: Yes.
RAID Support: Yes.
SCSI support: Yes.
Themselves to drivers: Do not.
Internet Explorer 8: Yes
Windows Media Player 11: Yes
Hotfixes: Yes (updated to 12/2010)
Online Update: Yes.
CD Key: Already available add.
File photo: File ISO standard.
File Archive: WinRAR.
File download: Splited Files.
The section is cut: 4 servings.

Required configuration:

Processor: Intel Celeron 2.0 Ghz (or higher)
Memory: 256 MB (or higher)
Video Card: 64 MB (or higher)
Hard Disk: 4GB of space (or higher)

Recommended configuration:

Processor: Intel Pentium4 1.4 Ghz
Memory: 512 MB
Video Card: 128 MB (removable card is better)
Hard drive: 10GB free

Rollins, Mod Team has tried to create the conversion of Windows XP interface, stable and smooth. Therefore, as little as Mod Team "touch" as possible to the core of Windows, Windows is only modified a few files "enough" to make it on your own "face" other traditional (original) of Xp , which is the MacOS interface. Wish you have an interesting experience with MacOS interface on Windows XP NOEL in 2010 and New Year season in 2011.
Source :
Thanks to Haiter
Program linking files: File Join - slitter Password: haiter
- After downloading all 4 parts, use the File Join program - slitter to resume a winrar compressed file, extract this file will continue to be a directory that contains the ISO file.
- Burn ISO file to CD to install, does not support hard drive and install from virtual drive.

How To Extract :
1. Put All Part in one Folder
2. Install File Joiner Splitter, Open tab joining, Input just file .001 only
3. Extract file .rar with winrar
4. Burn image cd file .ISO or use VmWare to try install
Password : haiter
Download File Joiner Splitter

Password :
Download Windows XP SP3 Mac OSX v6 Build 01.12.2010

Download mirror Windows XP SP3 Mac OSX v6 Build 01.12.2010
Download Ghost SPAT 6.09 + Skydriver 11 + PowerDrv

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Anonymous said...

gan cara extraknya gmn nih....kuq wrong pasword trs

kumpulan software gratis said...

Join dulu pake Hjsplit, terus exract pake winrar.

Anonymous said...

link nya da yang mati gan

kumpulan software gratis said...

part berapa, link yang mana?

Anonymous said...

sudah di join pake Hjsplit trs ta extract pke winrar tetep saja wrong pasword....yang salah apanya nih gan

kumpulan software gratis said...

Mohon maaf sebelumnya, setelah saya cek lagi ternyata join part bukan menggunakan Hjsplit tetapi menggunakan file joiner splitter. Silahkan download, sudah saya tambahkan link downloadnya di atas. terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Ghost SPAT 6.09 + Skydriver 11 + PowerDrv itu bwt apanya ya?

Anonymous said...

brrti yg batman sama jg mngkin ya gabunginya pke yg d ats jg......pntsn dr kmrn d gabungin g bs2 smp ta hapus

kumpulan software gratis said...

Ghost SPAT 6.09 + Skydriver 11 + PowerDrv Ane juga belum tau buat apa, gak di jelaskan sama yang share di forum vietnam.

Yang batman di extract pake winrar aja, karena gak ada ekstensi .00*

sahlian said...

kok ga bisa di download gan...?

kumpulan software gratis said...

Yang mana yang gak bisa? sudah baca tips download belum.

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